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About Jim

I have done drawing, painting and sculpture since I was a child, but took no formal courses in art except for a couple introductory courses in drawing and watercolor in college. I considered becoming an art historian when I was in college but decided to focus on Christian spirituality instead. One of my main interests was in the ways that art and imagery could be used as a means of spiritual transformation. For over forty years I worked as a teacher, workshop and retreat leader, spiritual guide, trainer and supervisor of spiritual guides. I frequently incorporated viewing and creating art in those contexts. In 2013 I began to paint in a more disciplined way, taking lessons for three years from a teacher from Nepal who specialized in sacred art from Buddhist and Hindu traditions. In 2018 I painted Sacred Bond with acrylics on gesso board. The positive response to Sacred Bond encouraged me to sell prints of the painting not long after it was completed.

I live in Berkeley, California with my wife Carmen, my beloved companion and collaborator on the spiritual path.


Responses to Sacred Bond

It’s stunning.  Brought immediate tears to my eyes.  The simplicity of devotion which is both so incarnate and cosmic in the same moment radiates from her face and body as well as from the stars which form and frame the immensity of Love that is its genesis.   Sandra L.

I am so moved by your painting of the Mayan woman and child. It is indeed an icon of sacred compassion. I love the expression on her face, the gaze in the child's eyes. The colors are stunning. I have been collecting images of compassion and this is a beautiful addition.  Frank R.

It is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. The depth of color, the faces and intricacy of the pattern just draw you in. The mother and child so wonderful in an "ordinary" moment. The stars turned out so beautiful and add to the majesty.  Judy N.

You know what the painting does for me? It brings me to that space and moment of Oneness. This unknown woman is all of us, carrying within her the entire story--how it all began, all that has been and is…on the road. Helena I.

The mother’s heart is…not only in union with the child but also with the cosmos, transcending the mother and child relationship. There is an intimacy between what she feels and the cosmic energy upholding her.  Sylvia C.

There is something immediate and even urgent about this portrayal given the recent travails of immigrants in our country. I felt so much compassion and kinship with this Mary, who has been turned away not just in Bethlehem but right here at our own borders. I recognized in her face the hope and determination of a parent that will traverse any hardship to bring her child home. Mary G.