If you are interested in purchasing prints or cards just click the black “Fine Art America” button below. It will lead you directly to the Sacred Bond page where a variety of sizes and options concerning prints and cards are offered. The following paragraph gives an overview of some of the options regarding the kinds of materials on which images can be printed and an observation on the color quality of prints on wood.

Sacred Bond can be printed on archival paper, canvas, metal, wood or acrylic. Metal, wood and acrylic prints do not require framing and are ready to hang directly on a wall. Canvas prints can framed in the traditional way or wrapped around wood bars which do not require a frame. In my experience, metal prints have the richest color and sharpest detail, but paper, acrylic and canvas are quite close in color quality. Prints on wood are less sharp and the color somewhat muted because the ink is printed directly on the wood where some of it is absorbed. Some people enjoy seeing and feeling the wood grain of the print, but the color is a little less vibrant. This difference is not evident from photos of wood prints on the Fine Art America website.

There are lots of options offered, so take time to explore them, especially if you are unfamiliar with some of the materials used for the prints. Fine Art America’s return policy allows you to mail back your purchase for a full refund of the price of the print, though shipping charges to and from FAA remain unless the return is for a defect in quality. I’d like to hear what you have to say about Sacred Bond or your experience with Fine Art America.

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